JB extends its line-up

Three new products have been rolled out by JB Machinery at this year’s SuperCorrExpo bringing the company’s line of major productivity products to six. New to market are InKomand©, an ink temperature controlsystem which also monitors pH and viscosity. Additionally JB’s infrared dryers have numerous added features and have been re-branded as ColorDry™ , with the flagship XL 3000 incorporating a system that includes Sentinel™ with Trident technology and power drop down. JB’s KomandCenter wraps the comprehensive suite of products in a centralised and visually-based colour touchscreen control system providing simple, yet precise process control of all JB products and reporting facilities.

Sentinel detects jams and automatically powers down the dryers and the feed of sheets. Power drop down, as the name implies, provides motorized access to the row of dryer cassettes facilitating automatic lowering of dryers for clearing jams, easier inspection and rapid cassette changes.

By controlling ink temperature inside flexo presses, InKomand maintains pH and viscosity, both of which can have a tremendous affect on numerous print quality and maintenance issues. For example, over time when temperature is not controlled ink viscosity raises dramatically and pH drops. The InKomand ink management system minimises the need for the addition of chemical additives, thereby reducing overall operating costs. Additionally temperature control provides improved ink drying, faster set-ups and a reduction in time spent on wash-ups.

Along with InKomand and ColorDry the major products from JB now include: 
• KleenPlate© version 2.0 for the prevention of print defects and reduction if not elimination of plate washing.
• ColorCure©, JB’s Ultraviolet curing system which provides superior gloss or matte finishes giving boxes and POP greater scuff, rub and water resistance in addition to dramatic ‘shelf presence’.
• VisionMaster™ the in-press dryer inspection & monitoring system whichallows operators to have multiple views inside the press and also enables playback of incident history using an integrated video recording loop.

Each of JB Machinery’s products has been developed specifically for the corrugated industry to improve both quality and productivity.

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