JANMAR CENTRUM from Poland is now GATNER Packaging

As of 1 December 2022, JANMAR CENTRUM in Trzcinica, Poland, has changed its name to GATNER Packaging.

GATNER Packaging manufacture packaging for many industries, including food, furniture, automotive, chemical, clothing, electronic and general industry. Their customers include companies from Poland and other European countries, small, medium and large; they manufacture standard, die-cut, specialty, e-commerce and large-size packaging.

This year marks 22 years of dynamic development of the company. Despite significant changes in the macro-environment caused by the current economic and geopolitical situation,  GATNER Packaging constantly focuses on development and adapts its portfolio to market requirements.

This year marked another milestone in the company’s history. The investment process, which began in 2021, is nearing its completion. This December, a second factory in Stryków is going to be opened. By launching packaging production in central Poland, the company says it will expand its product portfolio, improve flexibility in service, and increase security of supply.

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