Jamestown Container joins ‘Box to Nature’ program

Falconer, NY-based Jamestown Container Companies has confirmed its participation in the Box to Nature program, a transformative initiative led by The Paper and Packaging Board.

The program aims to revolutionize consumer behavior by promoting responsible recycling practices and enhancing environmental sustainability. Studies show that two out of three consumers admit to not consistently recycling. And almost half of consumers find some aspects of recycling challenging. This leads to significant underutilization of recyclable materials, with only an estimated 40% being recovered. The Box to Nature program is committed to changing this narrative.

The Box to Nature program features an instructional mark on packaging, which consumers can scan via a QR code. They’re led to a branded and animated page, which thanks them for their recycling efforts and encourages further engagement with an interactive quiz and recycling tips.

In a world where 62% of consumers expect brands to pay more attention to sustainability, being part of the solution is paramount. By participating in the Box to Nature program, Jamestown Container signals to consumers that it’s actively participating in environmental preservation.

Joseph M. Palmeri, President of Corrugated Packaging, Jamestown Container, noted, “We believe it’s our responsibility to ensure that our products contribute to a greener, more sustainable planet. The Box to Nature program aligns perfectly with our values and commitment to environmental stewardship. We hope other packaging companies will also participate in this program, so we can achieve higher recovery rates for recyclable materials.”

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