Jamestown adds Stock labeler

Phillip Mack, North American Sales Manager of STOCK Maschinenbau is pleased to announce that Jamestown Container Companies has selected the Stock LLM/HP labeler with upstacker for its facility in Falconer, New York.

The labeler produces fully-automatic label laminating, including both spot or full-sheet labeling. It offers simple operations with rapid setup that can produce up to 5,000 sheets per hour. Via the unit’s upstacker, the LLM/HP stacks the finished product – label side up – for easy and efficient quality control while a stereo or mat is not required for the placement of the adhesive.

Jamestown Container will use the labeler to expand into new business markets as well as offer even greater versatility and flexibility of services to its clients. Since its founding in 1956, Jamestown Container Companies has grown into a multi-plant, full-packaging supplier with a reputation for quick turnaround, unmatched service, and quality products.

Joseph M. Palmeri, Regional Vice President of Jamestown Container, said, “To continue to offer our clients the greatest range of flexibility, turnaround time and cost efficiency, the Stock LLM/HP will provide a seamless solution for spot or full-sheet labeling. This highly-regarded Stock litho laminating labeler is a proven workhorse that will complement our current production operations while seamlessly integrating into our current plant environment. This German-engineered, designed and manufactured unit will further our pursuit into new markets and allow us to continue to offer a wide array of comprehensive diecutting and labeling services to our growing and valuable client base.”

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