James Cropper joins like-minded companies supporting forests

This month, James Cropper became one of 11 companies to support environmental non-profit Canopy, showing a love for forests by joining the Pack4Good initiative that is focused on transforming paper packaging supply chains and protecting Ancient and Endangered Forests.

Providing truly sustainable and responsible papers and packaging for customers requires rigorous testing of the fibres used in James Cropper’s operations and tracking the provenance of the supply chain. With the help of the forest mapper from Canopy, James Cropper can ensure that none of its supplies are from at-risk forests and that environments and communities related to the origin of its paper products are safeguarded.

The scientific community warns that at least 50% of the world’s forests need to be conserved and/or restored by 2030 to ensure global temperature increases stay below 1.5˚C and address the global climate and biodiversity crises. The time is now for companies to show forests some love by taking supply chain leadership.

Tricia Hartmann, Global Packaging Lead from James Cropper said, “From the world’s first technology to upcycle used coffee cups, to the industry leading incorporation of used jeans into fully recyclable paper for packaging – transforming waste into beautiful paper is at the core of James Cropper’s FibreBlend Upcycled Technology mission. We are proud to be part of Canopy’s Pack4Good initiative alongside so many businesses also dedicated to addressing the growing forest footprint of paper packaging. Solutions exist today such as utilising alternative fibres to make strong, attractive, and versatile packaging, while taking pressure off of forests and developing new regenerative supply chains.”

Through Pack4Good, James Cropper is among a growing list of brands and packaging suppliers helping to make sustainable paper packaging the norm. Innovations such as the Rydal Packaging Collection and eco-designed moulded packaging solution, Colourform, are examples of how James Cropper has been able to deliver game-changing packaging narratives for brands in the beauty, fashion and drinks sectors, and also significantly reduce material use through design innovation. There are now 371 companies with Pack4Good policies demonstrating the type of ‘out-of-the-box’ leadership and innovative thinking that will transform supply chains, scale-up sustainable solutions and protect and manage our forests responsibly.

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