James Cropper collaborates in report to dispel myths about what can and can’t be recycled for luxury packaging

For the first time in its 179-year history, James Cropper has teamed up with two external brands – Foilco and Dreyer Kliche – to dispel the myths around sustainable packaging.

The campaign coined ‘Sometimes it is Black and White’ launched this week at the packaging sector’s exclusive showcase for luxury packaging, Packaging Premiere in Milan, and aims to inspire brands to embrace sustainable practices, redefine industry standards, and lead the way towards a more environmentally conscious future.

James Cropper’s partnership with the two well-regarded entities in the realm of stamping foils and embossing tools respectively, marks the first collaboration of its kind in the packaging space that addresses the misconceptions around sustainable packaging in luxury markets. Through a series of myth-busting designs, the trio of innovators illustrate the limitless possibilities that luxury brands can achieve, in pursuit of ground-breaking sustainable solutions, that ensures no compromise on quality.

Challenging conventions and pushing boundaries, the designs test the limits of paper and foils with multi layering and embossed patterns. Each illustration included in the campaign is a debunking myth statement piece, which includes, assumptions such as paper just comes from trees – the reality is paper can be made from other sources, even coffee cups, office waste or recovered denim. Another misunderstanding included in the campaign is around recyclable foil. Cold and hot foils can be repulpable meaning they can be recycled again and again – yet, many brands are unaware.

At the core of this collaboration is the mission to address misconceptions by brands, particularly in the luxury sector. By debunking 10 assumptions surrounding recycled materials, the partnership endeavours to pave the way for sustainable innovations and offer brands the opportunity to learn and understand the technologies available that can open the door to a new world of packaging opportunities that meet brands’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets.

The ‘Sometimes it is Black and White’ designs will be available on request.

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