J-P Bobst shares BOBST industry vision and new robotics capability at SPA Conference

Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO of BOBST, recently participated at the UK Sheet Plant Association 108th Conference, with the theme, ‘People’, where he presented the company’s industry vision and outlined insights into the future of the corrugated packaging industry.

The conference provided an excellent platform for Jean-Pascal Bobst to articulate the evolving landscape of the corrugated industry, highlighting global trends such as e-commerce, digital printing, mixed products, and rising demand for automation.

During his keynote address, he emphasised Bobst’s commitment to innovation and moving the packaging industry forward in line with the four pillars of digitalization, automation, connectivity, and sustainability as drivers of the industry transformation. He highlighted the company’s dedication to harnessing technology to enhance its solutions and services, as well as its ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental footprint through sustainable practices.

Jean-Pascal Bobst, commented: “It was a privilege to share our industry vision and innovations with the attendees of the SPA conference. As a global leader in packaging technology, we have made significant strides in driving corrugated industry progress, and events such as these are a fantastic opportunity to showcase this.

“We have set out to shape the future of the packaging world by actively driving the industry transformation from a mechanical to a digital world, and from manufacturing machines to waste-reducing process solutions along the entire workflow. It’s about helping operators accomplish more at every stage of production, and letting the latest technologies contribute to business wide sustainability efforts.”

During the presentation, Jean-Pascal Bobst also unveiled the company’s robotics capabilities, a new addition to its technology lineup. Bobst now offers a wide portfolio of robotic products from loading to palletizing, for folder-gluers, die-cutters and flexo folder-gluers. The business shared the latest updates to its flexo folder-gluer solutions, including the addition of VISIONFFG and NOVAFFG, two converting solutions for simple and large sized box production, and JUMBO, a new large format flexo folder-gluer for the production of large high-strength boxes, including stitching and taping.

Bobst’s participation in the SPA conference reflects its commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of the packaging industry, as the business continues to lead the way in delivering transformative solutions that empower converters to thrive.

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