Item Products to showcase latest product innovations at  London Packaging Week

Item Products will be showcasing their latest product innovations at London Packaging Week 2023. Their portfolio includes a range of solutions for the luxury packaging market, which visitors can explore at stand D22.

Among the products being exhibited will be 100% sustainable paper handles from Swedish manufacturer Persson, which come in more than 100 variations and can hold up to 30kg in weight. Item Products will also have high-end cords and braids with various finishes from the Spanish-based manufacturer LIASA on display. Additionally, the innovative Box Latch™ reusable carton closure device will be showcased. This groundbreaking innovation not only elevates supply chain sustainability but also streamlines manufacturing processes, all while substantially reducing waste and cost.

Amidst the array of offerings, visitors will also have the opportunity to explore an assortment of products, including interlock locking clips, standard and heavy-duty carrying handles, euro studs and rivets tailored for point-of-sale presentations. To address the dynamic mobility needs of packaging, Item Products will showcase an array of wheels and stabilisers, designed to enhance the convenience and versatility of packaging solutions.

Central to the ethos of Item Products is an dedication to sustainability, a principle that will be front and centre at their exhibition. The company proudly champions the mantra of “reuse before recycling” as a cornerstone of its product philosophy. Their steadfast commitment to employing materials with 100% or 30% recycled content serves to exempt their products from the plastic packaging tax, while also ensuring seamless integration into domestic waste recycling streams.

Julian Cook, Managing Director, said, “We are looking forward to exhibiting at London Packaging Week and showcasing our wide range of products. We have a well-established reputation in the marketplace for developing innovative, environmentally efficient finishing solutions and accessories and I’m sure that we can look forward to a busy and productive show.”

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