Item Products launch new website with focus on sustainability

Item Products has recently launched a new website. The new look, responsive platform not only reflects the company’s expertise in developing innovative solutions for major UK and international companies, it also seeks to increase awareness of the environmentally positive contribution that their plastic components and accessories can make to paper-based packaging.

By using new category headers for their expanding product portfolio, visitors to the site are able to easily navigate the company’s vast range of solutions. As a further enhancement to the site, the company will shortly be adding a ‘Green Solutions’ section, an area where Item’s latest sustainable product developments will be showcased. With much of the company’s innovation being directed towards the reuse of packaging materials and the creation of plastic widgets to save 1000s of tonnes in packaging waste, the section is anticipated to be a way of conveying new product innovations to the company’s target audience.

“We are really excited to launch our new website,” said Julian Cook, Managing Director. “The site structure is simple to follow and navigate, providing a much improved front-end user experience, which will help increase traffic. And as the site is fully scalable, we look forward to enhancing the site with ideas and concepts to further inspire our customers in the future.”

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