Ipress 106 PRO Success

Koenig & Bauer has introduced to the market their newest machine – the Ipress 106 PRO. It is equipped with the highly sought after Rapida sheetfed feeder and is available with or without blanking. It has all the great make-ready features like Auto locking of tools, Fast Flow for dies and sheet QC inspection system. The machine has an optional full logistics system that enables the machine to run at full capacity with little intervention by the operator.

The machine is built in their Barcelona factory with 100% European made castings and parts. Since the acquisition of Iberica by Koenig & Bauer in 2016, they have seen an increase in sales and production of nearly 200%. Success has been proven by multiple customers purchasing several machines to replace older less productive models after enjoying the high productivity, cost effectiveness and reliability of Iberica’s new technology.

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