IP breaks ground on $103m expansion

International Paper has recently broken ground at the Cedar River Mill in southwest Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The $103m expansion project provides for the construction of a 20,000 sq ft building on the campus to house natural gas boilers that will supply steam power for the plant and a water treatment plant.

After studying options for an alternate steam supply, International Paper officials decided the company will build and operate two natural gas-powered boilers to generate steam on-site, as well as build a water treatment plant.

“Without the replacement steam supply provided by this $103m expansion, International Paper would have to shut down here. The driver is we want to maintain our operations in Iowa,” said Anthony Cleves, Project Manager, International Paper.

This project will retain 186 hourly and 54 salaries positions. Seven new jobs will be created to operate the package boilers. Another 100 construction jobs are anticipated to be created while the facility is built adjacent to the existing plant.

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