IOM3 to host Packaging Clinic Webinar 

IOM3 on behalf of the Packaging Society will be hosting on 2 June at 13:00 BST an interactive packaging clinic webinar to answer all your packaging problems and questions from sustainable solutions to current trends and the circular economy.

Packaging experts including the newly appointed Chair of the Packaging Society Jude Allan will answer questions/problems that you are encountering and do their best to find a solution or direct you towards a company or individual that can help solve your problem.

The free hour webinar will include the following panellists:

  • Judith Allen – Chair of the Packaging Society
  • Gregor Anderson – Managing Director at Pharmacentric Solutions specialising in packaging and device development
  • Mike Swain – Managing Director of Pack IDS, an independent packaging consultancy, specialising in packaging innovation, development and sustainability
  • David Little – Print Technologist and Packaging Technologist.

To register your interest, visit

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