INX continues expansion

On Opening Day of the SGIA Expo in New Orleans, INX International Ink Co. announced plans to expand its iconic Research & Development complex in West Chicago, Illinois. When completed in July 2018, the facility will more than double its current space to 56,000 sq ft.

The new construction in West Chicago represents continuation of an aggressive, multi-year capital improvements program. INX opened a new manufacturing facility in Ohio in 2015, completed expansion of the metal decorating plant in North Carolina in 2016, and doubled the size of an existing manufacturing plant in Kansas earlier this year. Parent company Sakata INX in Japan is following a similar path, building new or expanding facilities throughout Asia.

Since the West Chicago R&D complex opened in 1996, overall activity and the number of chemists working on site has increased as a result of significant business growth, says Rick Westrom, Senior Vice President of Sourcing and R&D.

“We have experienced sales growth and production in many areas, and a major reason for this expansion is our commitment to global digital efforts. A large portion is being dedicated to growing and supporting digital products across all product lines, as well as expanding our Energy Curable technologies.”    

Company officials participated in an expansion groundbreaking ceremony at the R&D facility in West Chicago, Illinois. From left: Takayuki Shirafuji, VP, Assistant Treasurer; Susan Supergan, Senior VP, Human Resources; Bryce Kristo, Senior VP, Chief Financial Officer; Kotaro Morita, Chairman; Rick Clendenning, President & CEO; Rick Westrom, Senior VP, Strategic Sourcing and R&D; John Hrdlick, Senior VP and Chief Operating Officer; and Matthew Mason, VP, General Council.

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