Investment at Pamarco will help increase production to the next level

Pamarco has made a substantial investment in its Atlanta, GA plant, acquiring a state-of-the-art Harmony laser system.

This 5.5m laser, boasting a power of 500 watts, is capable of producing laser engraved rolls and sleeves up to 35” outside diameter by 220”. In addition, a fully upgraded 3.5m laser is being installed in its La Palma, CA plant with roll and sleeve capability to 20” OD and 135” FL, both systems will be fully operational by the end of May.

The Atlanta investment marks a pivotal moment in the expansion of the company’s capabilities, particularly in markets necessitating high-volume ceramic coated anilox, reaching volumes of 100 BCM. Also, of significance is adding to the plants’ ability to produce jumbo anilox along with added capacity to support our continued sales growth.

John Burgess, President, Pamarco, said, “Pamarco’s dedication to the industry is underscored by the addition of this cutting-edge equipment. The installation of the machine in Atlanta reinforces our commitment to growth in the large roll segment, while the laser in La Palma strengthens our service offerings for the West Coast and regions of South and Central America.”

Motivated by the opportunity to undertake extensive cylinder engraving projects for a Fortune 500 paper company, and buoyed by successful trials in the UK, Pamarco are confident that this advanced technology will ensure superior-quality engravings. Furthermore, the new laser will notably augment ongoing cold seal projects for customers such as Con Agra, providing more consistent engraving results compared to standard lasers.

The Harmony laser, fully equipped with the latest software and hardware from ALE, including Twin Track technology, will furnish the Atlanta plant with dual laser capacity for engraving Jumbo rolls, enhancing operational efficiency and product quality.

Concurrently with the expansion, the Atlanta plant will transfer one of its latest 3.5m 500-watt lasers to the La Palma facility. This laser will undergo upgrades with new software and hardware, also integrating the advanced ALE Twin Track technology. This strategic move is intended to add capacity in the west and improve overall laser engraving capacity.

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