Folding Carton

Tops a Brand Survey

Iggesund Paperboard, which is part of the Holmen Group, has the two most valuable paperboard brands in Europe. That’s the conclusion of a brand survey done by Opticom International Research. Over 200 converters rank Invercote and Incada from Iggesund at the very top.

The survey encompassed converters in Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands in the packaging segments of pharmaceuticals & health care products, cosmetics & beauty, chocolate & confectionery, dry foodstuffs, frozen & chilled foods and wines & spirits. The study has been done every second year since 2004 and Iggesund’s brands have consistently placed at the top. “Every time we place highest in this survey we get confirmation that both our paperboard families offer what the market wants,” comments Kenneth Nysten, Sales and Marketing Director at Iggesund.

The survey also concludes that high quality and sustainability characteristics are becoming more and more important as selection criteria. Converters also have high expectations on properties such as printability, runnability in the conversion process and folding properties – all of which both Invercote and Incada achieve with ease.

Europe’s most valuable paperboard brands according to the survey include:
1. Invercote (Iggesund)
2. Incada (Iggesund)
3. Tambrite (Stora Enso)
4. Ensocoat (Stora Enso)
5. Performa (Stora Enso)
6. BillerudKorsnäs (BillerudKorsnäs)
7. CKB (Stora Enso) NEW 2018
8. MetsäBoard Pro (Metsä Board) NEW 2018
9. Alaska Plus (International Paper)
10. MetsäBoard Classic (Metsä Board) NEW 2018
11. MetsäBoard Prime (Metsä Board) NEW 2018

The Origin Box is made of three kinds of paper material, of which two, Invercote and Incada, are made by Iggesund Paperboard. Converter was Du Caju Printing & Packaging, Belgium.