Introducing the AutoBox AB310

Launched at the end of the summer, the AutoBox AB310 is the latest development from Kolbus Autobox, as it looks to add to its well established AutoBox shortrun boxmaking range of equipment.

The new machine is an all-in-one, compact boxmaker that slots and crease, slits to length and width, in order to make a variety of boxes. This versatile auto-set machine converts corrugated board up to 2600mm wide by unlimited length, making it the ideal machine for converters who look to handle the growing number of orders for e-commerce style boxes for e-retailers.

The AB 310 is the first new machine since AutoBox became part of the Kolbus Group, the machine is fitted with 500mm slotting knives as standard, but can also be fitted with slotting knives from 200mm up to 700 mm, to increase the size range of boxes that can be produced.

“With a run speed of up to 400 boxes per hour – depending on box style and size – and fast auto-set technology, the AB310 is an ideal machine to efficiently produce your shortrun boxmaking jobs,” says Greg Bird, Managing Director, Kolbus Autobox.

The AutoBox AB310 can convert heavy duty board as standard (up to 12mm) and also has the option of being fitted with a pair of auto-set male/female creasing wheels. One pair of crease wheels follow the end of the slot to provide width panel creasing. The second pair is used for high-value boxes such as 0401s, drop down panels in pallet boxes and multi-depth boxes.

The machine also has intelligent powered line cutters to remove waste on widths or glue flaps and an intelligent cross cut for cutting to length.

A further option is the Table-Feed TF300, which sits at the front of the boxmaker. It is a servo driven semi-automatic feeder with a number of high friction drive belts that pull the bottom sheet in to registration. The benefit of this is to reduce the amount of labour required on the machine.  For digital print and coding, the AB310 also has the option of the DP300, an inline single colour digital print module with self-cleaning head. It offers a 280 mm x unlimited length printing area and set up is completed in as little as 60 secs with previously saved art work. “Using this digital print head, there is no more need for stereos or lengthy clean down times requiring water and cleaning solution,” adds Bird.

“This is a perfect addition to our range of equipment,” concludes Bird. “A joint project with R&D in both the UK and Germany, this machine is new from the ground up. We have taken some of the best features of the existing AutoBox equipment and pulled them together in this new offering. The first few machines have already been sold, which shows the groundswell of ongoing support from the corrugated industry for our short run solutions.

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