Introducing GenieCut – the latest in carton window patching from IMPACK

IMPACK has introduced the GenieCut, an in-line window patcher for carton windowing.  On August 16, 2023, Impack completed the acquisition of the GenieCut and formed a partnership with the inventor, Jeff Shaffer.

“With already 25 installations running across North America and the UK, the GenieCut is a tested and proven concept. It integrates directly onto the folder-gluer and it is a game-changer for businesses looking to optimise their operational area and provide additional packaging options to their customers using their current folder-gluer production line,” says Mathieu Tremblay, Deputy General Manager.

With the GenieCut, converters can offer window patching as a new service to existing customers, or modernise and streamline their current window application process. The GenieCut’s technology introduces a significant paradigm shift in terms of speed, functionality, flexibility and efficiency. One of the GenieCut’s features is its compact design, which provides the same functionality as larger systems, while taking up virtually no additional floor space.

Shaffer explains, “Over the years, as a production manager on a folder-gluer line, I saw many ways that the outdated window patching technology could be improved. In the 1930s a windowing machine was introduced that utilised a timed feeder, chain register, glue pot, printed glue pattern and a knife-to-anvil crosscut of the film. Nearly 100 years later, conceptually nothing much had changed…. until now. The GenieCut is a simple, low-maintenance design that promises years of easy operation with less waste and down time.”

This new technology further increases productivity by reducing training time, set up time, cleaning time, and maintenance. The GenieCut boasts a simplified, streamlined mechanism. It has removed unnecessary complexity, making it easier to operate and maintain. Many of the details seen on traditional window patchers simply don’t exist. The GenieCut does not have a glue pot, glue stencils or cylinders that need to be changed, customised or removed for cleaning. While standard window patchers can take 3 to 4 hours to set up, the GenieCut usually takes less than 15 mins to set up when recalling an existing job. Since it does not interfere with or come in contact with the folder-gluer, the GenieCut can be maintained or prepared for a future windowing batch while the folder-gluer is processing windowless boxes. The GenieCut also uses a patented stationary knife film cutting system.

Shaffer adds, “The GenieCut is a most user-friendly window machine. No prior window machine experience is necessary. With some basic knowledge of any adhesive extrusion system, operators already know how to run this machine.”

The GenieCut window applicator system features a specialised state-of-the-art glue system capable of feeding 60 glue guns or more. To accelerate customer return on investment, Impack and Baumer hhs offer optional glue gun modules for the GenieCut so that customers can select the smallest module that meets production needs. The glue gun modules come in standard widths of 6, 9, 12, or 15 inches and 18 inches for specialised productions. The glue system comes standard with an intuitive and user-friendly Baumer hhs touchscreen controller that allows operators to define precise glue patterns. Each dot of glue is 6.2mm center to center, adjusting the glue volume ensures an unbroken glue pattern once the film patch is placed. Film and glue patterns are stored in the controller reducing machine changeover from hours to minutes.

GenieCut sets a new benchmark for operational efficiency. Some traditional window patchers have servo motors that need to ‘home’ before cycling again, but the GenieCut design allows it to cycle continuously, so it can cut the film over 15 times a second. The maximum speed of the machine components is 200 m/min. With this high-speed window patcher, optimised folder-gluer lines can expect to achieve actual production times of up to 150 m/min or 15,000-40,000 boxes per hour depending on blank size. The GenieCut is capable of countless window patch widths on corrugated or carton straight-line, 4 corner, 6 corner, and crash-lock boxes.

Left to right: Stefan Badertscher, Dominic Theriault, Jeff Shaffer and Mathieu Tremblay.



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