International PaperBox awaits its new Rapida 106

At the Utah-based packaging printer – International PaperBox – the accent is firmly on quality and customization. Serving a variety of businesses in the Utah and Mountain West vicinity, this nearly 20-year-old folding carton packaging printer has gained a committed customer base that seek special and difficult jobs incorporating printing, folding and gluing applications. To continue to provide high quality service and quality, the company decided to boost its production and capacity with a new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 seven-colour UV press.

“We’re stepping up our game,” says Wade Holbrook, CEO, International PaperBox. “There’s no comparison between our current 15-year-old 40” press and our new Rapida 106 press in terms of speed and automation. Our customers will be benefiting from its efficiency, giving us at least 50% more capacity if not more. Its digital quality control features will be new to our press crew, providing an improved focus on production excellence.”

Left to right: Kay and Wade Holbrook, owners of International PaperBox, visited Koenig & Bauer’s German factory to see their new Rapida 106 seven-colour press being built.

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