International PaperBox adds BOBST die-cutter and folder gluer

Located in Salt Lake City, UT, International PaperBox is a folding carton converter with almost 30 years of experience bringing creative packaging design to life. With a team of packaging professionals numbering more than 60, the business focuses on combining aesthetics and functionality to help brands stand out from the competition.

International PaperBox operates in a wide range of markets, predominantly serving mid-size customers. The company provides services that include structural design and prepress work, 7-color UV offset, litho-laminating, window patching, folding and gluing, die-cutting with inline embossing.

The business has used BOBST equipment in its operations for more than 20 years. As the business looked to enhance its folding, gluing and die-cutting capacity, International PaperBox added a Bobst EXPERTCUT and EXPERTFOLD to its machine park, with a second Expertfold on order. With the addition of its new equipment, International PaperBox aims to continually improve its quality and productivity.

Wade Holbrook, Owner, International PaperBox, explains, “We have a strong company culture of kindness, respect and continuous improvement. Naturally, the experience of our customers is paramount, and we believe that every aspect of our carton production process can be improved in areas such as quality, delivery and cost. When choosing the right machine to supercharge our carton production, we took many different factors into account. These included the ability to deliver consistent production quality, boost run speeds, and provide access to technical support and services.”

Holbrook concludes, “We are pleased with the results from our new machines. We are seeing real-time benefits in shorter makeready times, faster run speeds and ultimately a higher quality product being produced. For instance, we are seeing speed improvements of 50% in our processes, which is an enormous benefit to us. ​As we look to enhance our offering and explore new markets, our investment means we can provide better registration, more precise glue application, cleaner folding and fewer rejected cartons, alongside simpler cost control and higher speeds all around. The technology is designed to be intuitive; our operators enjoy using the new machines, which are equipped with many smart features that make their jobs easier.”

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