Intelligent Pneumatic Brake from Re 

The Combiflex pneumatic brake from Re SpA is well known in the corrugated board industry globally. The brakes are synonymous with heat dissipation, torque, core stability and environmentally friendly operation.

But not happy to sit still, the company has evolved the product, enabling customers to reach ever higher speed without a loss in terms of heat dissipation, dimensions and maintenance.

The Combiflex brake is now available in a new intelligent EDM model. It is able to adjust the speed of the fan automatically and immediately, according to the work requirement. Thanks to an internal system of sensors, the brake is able to detect the temperature and adjust the numbers of fan revolutions to increase the brake efficiency, starting from heat dissipation and the important increase in terms of life span and life cycle of each component. Moreover, it ensures a great saving of power and decrease of noise level, as the fan will no longer need to run at maximum. Three LEDs allows the operator to check the status of the fan activity.

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