InSoft Automation integrates with Enfocus Switch

Enfocus, has confirmed the integration of Switch with InSoft Automation’s imposition and layout software Imp.

To support the integration, InSoft released the Imp XML Bundle app in the Enfocus Appstore. The Imp XML Bundle includes two apps, Imp XML Creator app and the Imp XML Merger app. Both apps act as a bridge between Enfocus Switch and Imp Flow to automate ganging, imposition for offset, digital and large format printing without any touch points.

InSoft Automation is a software development company founded in 1995 in India. They have roots in CAD/CAM software for the manufacturing industry, which has since been hived off into another company. Seeing some synergies between manufacturing and printing optimization challenges, they started developing Imposition and Ganging software in 2007. Winner of the coveted InterTechT Technology award, InSoft Automation added in 2017 a unique estimation engine which is process aware and compliant.

Complete automation of print layout creation has always been their goal whereby print layout preparation is at the centre of the printing industries’ optimisation and planning tasks. The approach is to build a wholistic solver that can consider all the influencing parameters from pre-press, press and post press operations.  Using strengths in core technologies enabled them to achieve success. Technology is the enabler but constant focus on listening to customers’ evolving needs and being responsive to them was singularly responsible in building a coherent single software product.

“We have, arguably the best solutions in the space of imposition, ganging and process driven intelligent estimation,” said Santosh Mulay, Vice President – Business Development, InSoft Automation.

Switch provides a great eco-system for comprehensive automation to the print industry. To InSoft, it made business sense to be part of this eco-system. Insoft Automation found the integration into Switch to be easier than anticipated, thanks to the support and feedback that they received from the Switch support team. They liked the generality, flexibility, and openness of the Switch platform.

“I believe our future customers and prospects, who are already using Enfocus Switch, will be able to quickly build InSoft solutions into their automated workflow. We have plans to develop more integration apps in the Switch eco-system that should take the integration benefits to more and more customers,”  concludes Mulay.

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