Inside-outside print for Celmacch

The Italian OEM, Celmacch, has confirmed that by the end of 2022, the company will launch a new printing machine that will be able to print inside and outside of the sheet in one pass.

The machine has been developed based on the configuration of the Chroma Print. The bottom printer section will be based on an HBL configuration to offer quick set up and it will be designed to offer the greatest print quality results. The machine will be equipped with the latest servo drive technology and with the system to change the anilox automatically upon request.

The new printer will be available in the formats 1700 x 1300mm and 2100 x 1300mm and it will be offered as ‘in line’ configuration to feed a flat-bed die cutter or off line with a high pile stacker.

“Today’s market combined with the growing use of e-commerce require improved flexibility and new solutions that are more effective and efficient,” explains Luca Celotti. “Celmacch Group has been working on this project in order to create customer-oriented solutions. The first of this new printing machine will be installed in Italy at one of the industry’s major players, who chose Celmacch to bring innovation and increased efficiency to their production.”


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