Inside/Outside orders for GTS

David Williams, Managing Director, GTS Europe, reports a busy period with Weipong, having secured orders for six machines for the UK. Of particular interest is the growth in demand for inside/outside printing; three of these Weipong machine orders are specifically for inside/outside print. Machines with 4 + 2 colour, 3 + 2 colour and 2 + 1 colour have been ordered, with the first of these being installed imminently.

“These machines come on the back of a successful LMC 5 col (3 + 2) RDC line which was the first of its kind and has been running at Diamond Box for several years,” explains Williams. “Not only can GTS offer this technology on both FFG and RDC lines as well as off-line printers from both Weipong and LMC, but Celmacch has also confirmed it will soon install its first inside/outside printing line.”

He concludes, “With a total of four machines supplied by GTS to support the growing e-commerce trend for double sided print in one pass, and with the full spectrum of specifications available from three highly respected brands within our portfolio, we are keen to speak with box plants for whom these proven solutions can help them become more efficient within this exciting sector.”


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