Innovation – the theme for Recycling Heroes 2023

Creative Innovation is the theme for the Global Recycling Day’s new competition in the search for Recycling Heroes.

The Global Recycling Foundation is now looking for nominations for the award of Recycling Heroes 2023 from individuals to business leaders, sole traders to multinational businesses, and towns and cities that have continued actively to recycle during one of the toughest economic periods for many years.

While we have all had to tighten our belts, the need for creative innovation in how we can recycle our waste stream is greater than ever. Every penny saved in the way we use and discard our commercial and domestic waste is vital.

The winning entrants will receive $1,000, and their ideas will be publicised on the Global Recycling Day’s social media channels globally.

This year, in particular, the organisers are also looking for your creative side when it comes to upcycling waste. So, they will be awarding an additional 10 prizes of $250 to find out who can produce the most innovative re-use of everyday items. It might be a telling image, art or an idea for a new commercial application to recycle waste into a useable product – for example, furniture, clothing, tableware, building material. Can it be easily adapted for all countries? Will it make a difference in hard-pressed economies?

Entries for both competitions closes on 3rd March 2023, and the winners will be announced on Global Recycling Day celebrated on the 18th of March. Send your entries to [email protected]

Ranjit Baxi, President, Global Recycling Foundation, said, “The whole world is going through difficult economic times and many countries are suffering the consequences of climate change. It is vital that everyone should play their part, and recycling is an important element in the struggle against global warming. In past years our Recycling Heroes have demonstrated that every individual and business great or small can have a positive impact.”


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