Inkmaker Shanghai doubles size of factory to meet demand

Inkmaker Group has confirmed that as of 7th April,  Inkmaker Shanghai will begin operating from a new 35,000 sq ft facility — double the size of its current factory space — to meet the demands due to the recent escalation in workload and orders. The new building will allow Inkmaker to increase its manufacturing capacity, as well as to shorten the delivery time for customers.

The expansion, part of IM Group’s investment plan, started with the acquisitions of the businesses of Rexson Systems and Vale-Tech in the UK last October, and more recently those of Tecnopails in Italy.

“We had originally planned for this expansion later in the year but, in view of the increased workload as a consequence of the Covid-19 situation, we have brought our plans forward to meet the demand head on,” said Kar Seng, General Manager of Inkmaker Shanghai.

The move comes at a much needed moment for the group, which recently adapted to government recommendations in the most-at-risk countries where it is present, with most employees working remote from home.

“These are challenging times, but we are well placed to take full advantage of our investments; factories — not just representative agents — in different countries are ensuring we can quickly shift work orders and physically continue production to ensure deliveries are met,” said Roberto Guerra, CEO Asia, Inkmaker Group.


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