Inkmaker adds third mixing-dispensing station for Samograph in Italy

Inkmaker (IM Group) has recently completed an installation for blending water-based inks specifically for flexographic printing at Samograph in Sant’Anastasia, Campania, Italy.

The newly installed Inkmaker P32 dispenser, driven by IM Group’s proprietary software, Inkpro, will be the third system installed at Samograph. The dosing heads – capable of dispensing up to 32 colorants and additive components – have an output of over 1,000 litres of inks, distributable across pails or drums using a double scale.

The automated production line also comes equipped with full traceability conforming to ISO food certifications, registration of formulas and processing history – with optional customisation of dosage parameters to optimise production times and conditions when required – and production reports throughout the process. Powered by IM Group’s industry 4.0 technology, twenty pumps are dedicated to flexo inks specifically for food packaging.

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