Independent II ‘Experience Packaging Success’ with Domino

Finn McDonald, President, Independent II, in Louisville, KY, recently discussed developments from the company’s brand-new state-of-the-art facility, discussing how his business is changing and growing with the Domino X630i digital aqueous inkjet corrugated press.

McDonald begins, “Our motto is ‘Experience Packaging Success’. That’s what we’ve brought to our market for close to 60 years now, and the constants are quality, service, and consistency in relationship…all included in the cost of the box. But there’s been some incredible changes. Independent has moved into a brand-new facility. We are now 340,000 sq ft under one roof, and really what we’re changing is from a brown box manufacturer to a brand box and a digital box performer. Our vision was relatively simple; diversify from brown box, but do it in a way that would deliver consistent value and quality to our customers. And it was something that was achievable for us to manage every day.”

He continues, “Everyday digital is really the philosophy that drove my vision for getting digital to our company, and into our market. When Domino came out with the X630i single pass aqueous-based digital press, we said ‘that’s it.’ For us, it’s really as simple as sell it, rip it, and print it; it’s that easy. You’ve got a ton of potential, a ton of capacity, and great innovation to make use of. This is the type of press that we can install in the middle of our converting facility. You don’t need a clean room. You don’t need a lot of special air filtration. You don’t need a lot of special concrete build up floor placement. You’ve got arguably the most compact press on the market, so it’s going to get a whole lot done in a very small footprint.”

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