Improved waste based fluting

Palm has recently started producing an improved waste based fluting from its Descartes mill. Both SCT-CD and the CMT values are equivalent to a semi-chemical 1 as specified by Cepi ContainerBoard. The strength of the corrugated board is up to 20 per cent higher than for corrugated board produced with standard waste based fluting, says the company.

Palm Flute HP1 consists of 100 per cent recycled paper and can be used as a semi-chemical substitute or to reduce the surface weight of a standard waste based fluting, potentially saving significant cost. On request, Palm Flute HP1 is available with Cobb and is therefore also suitable for the use in high humidity and is resistant to splash water. Typical areas of application are frozen goods and cool storage packaging as well as certain vegetable boxes.

Palm Flute HP1

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