IMPACK for Kingston Carton

Hull, UK-based Kingston Carton Co has recently enhanced its production capabilities with the installation of state-of-the art machinery.

The new equipment – the IN2 Box Turner and Ergosa C Universal Packer from Impack – are set to enhance Kingston Carton’s packaging operations by streamlining processes, significantly improving its production efficiency, and ensuring first-class quality. The equipment was sold by Impack’s UK agent, iPack Solutions.

The Ergosa C Universal Packer is designed to handle products with the utmost care, providing Kingston Carton with the versatility to pack various box sizes and product specifications for some of the biggest named brands in the country. These advanced technologies enable Kingston Carton to further optimise its operations ensuring consistent quality and minimising errors, leading to greater flexibility and faster order fulfilment. By employing these advanced solutions, Kingston Carton can uphold its commitment to delivering superior quality packaging to its customers, whilst still upholding its sustainability value. “The Ergosa gives us the opportunity to increase speed while giving the staff more time to inspect the cartons,” said Arend Buitendam, General Manager, Kingston Carton.

Since making the decision to invest in the new equipment, Kingston Carton have been happy with the whole process from start to finish. “During shipping we were kept up to date regarding the Ergosa’s whereabouts and since the installation, we have not required any external assistance” said Buitendam. “We are happy with the overall experience, in the three weeks we have put the Ergosa to task we have seen improvements in speed with simultaneous inspection of the cartons.”

“The integration of the IN2 Box Turner and Ergosa C Universal Packer into Kingston Carton’s operations represents a significant milestone in the company’s pursuit of excellence,” said John Hall, iPack Solutions. “These advanced solutions manufactured by Impack promise to enhance productivity and improve product quality. With their installation, Kingston Carton is poised to meet the growing demands of its customers while remaining at the forefront of innovation in the packaging industry.”

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