‘Imaging of Things’ podcast

Hosted by Nick Benkovich, vice president of Portfolio Management for EFI™ Productivity Software, Electronics For Imaging, Inc.’s new Imaging of Things podcast series will deliver informative interviews and educational content for printing, packaging and marketing service professionals covering a broad range of topics.

Beginning 27 July, the biweekly English-language podcast will be available at imaging-of-things.simplecast.com, with each episode archived after airing for streaming on demand.

“The changes, challenges and the opportunities in the industry are only accelerating as the centuries old business of print and packaging evolves in the face of new markets, new buyers and new technologies,” said Benkovich. “I am excited to be doing this podcast as a direct way to share and discuss important industry topics – with some key industry experts – to discuss their and the market’s evolution, print’s digital transformation, the role technology is playing to create a smarter, more effective and efficient industry, and the emergence of the next generation of print professionals.”

Planned podcast topics include:

  • Surviving market challenges and what we learned
  • Educating the next generation
  • Future proofing your business
  • Leveraging technology

Along with Benkovich, guests on the podcast will include a wide range of industry experts and EFI customers who will be sharing their expertise and experience to help others further develop their own businesses.

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