IM Group installs twin mixing system at Samograph

The recently rebranded IM Group (formerly Inkmaker Group), has completed a double ink-mixer installation at Samograph in Sant’Anastasia, Campania, Italy.

The two mixing stations were chosen specifically to automate and speed up production, and come complete with IM Group’s ‘Polare Offset’ dosing heads controlled by the proprietary software, Inkpro. The dosing heads — capable of dispensing up to 20 colourants and additive components — have an output of up to 30 litres of Offset Inks, distributable across pails or drums, using a 30kg scale of up to 0.1g resolution with a precision of detecting weights as low as 0.1g. The automated production line also comes equipped with full traceability conforming to ISO Food certifications, registration of formulas and processing history — with optional customisation of dosage parameters to optimise production times and conditions when required — and production reports throughout the process. Fourteen pumps are dedicated specifically to food packaging while another fourteen are aimed at conventional inks.

“We are proud of this installation; it is a remarkably flexible and efficient system made all the more powerful due to the sophisticated technology that drives it,” said Alessandro Tallone, Area Sales Manager, IM Group. “Thanks to the efforts of our award-winning software team, Inkpro has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry.”

Samograph, a leading manufacturer and distributor of inks and materials for the graphic arts and packaging industry for over two decades, specialises in various printing techniques such as offset, UV and flexo.

“The precision of the automated-dosing combined with the production speed and traceability of work-orders of the two IM Group mixing stations has given us the advantage we were looking for,” said Salvatore Montella, Director, Samograph.

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