Ilonka von Bodman to become new Chief Financial Officer at GKD

The GKD Group has now completed the reorganisation within its Management Board.

Effective March 1, Ilonka von Bodman will assume the post of CFO. From July 1, Lara Kufferath will take over the reins of the family business as CEO and complete the generational change.

Left to right: Ilonka von Bodman (CFO), Daniel Holstein (CTOO), Lara Kufferath (CDTO) and Stephan Kufferath (CSO).

As a result, the Management Board of the GKD Group is becoming younger, with a better balance of female executives, and is clearly focused on the challenges facing the global technical weave specialists. Lara Kufferath says, “Ilonka is a perfect fit for us –both professionally and personally. She has more than 20 years of experience in the financial business, is experienced in cross-border transactions and cooperations, and appreciates the corporate cultural characteristics of SMEs, such as a sense of family, responsibility, and decision-making power. She also brings with her the background in all sustainability issues that is so important to us.”

von Bodman replaces Markus Kosel as CFO, who is retiring after more than 20 years with the company. She completes the Management Board with Dr Stephan Kufferath, Lara Kufferath, and Dr Daniel Holstein.

The generational change at GKD will finally be complete on July 1. Following his brother, Ingo Kufferath, Stephan Kufferath will also step down from the Management Board and pass responsibility for the company to his daughter Lara, who will assume the role of CEO. GKD will then be headed by the Kufferath family in its fourth generation.

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