IEC+ joins IM Group

IM GROUP has confirmed that IEC+ srl, the manufacturer of dispersing, grinding and mixing equipment, has joined its ranks.

The announcement — filmed on location at IEC+’s headquarters in Travesetolo in Parma, Italy as well as at Inkmaker in Shanghai, China and at IEC Plant Engineering’s HQ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — was premiered on Youtube recently, to mark the Group’s closing quarter of 2021. This rounds off a series of events and activities for the group, making it its most eventful year to date.

The decision to announce the joining of IEC+, six months after IM Group’s launch, was based on a two-pronged strategy. Christophe Rizzo, CEO EMEA/Americas, IM Group, explained, “The initial phase was to lay the foundations of IM Group by structuring our brands to focus on their individual specialties, yet for them to come together to offer total process-engineering solutions, under a single group, when required. The second phase was to evolve this to an ‘Advanced’ stage; today, we are adding a significant boost to our portfolio with the addition of a company that will act as a central catalyst to unite and spearhead each of our other brands into ‘Advanced’ engineering solutions.”

IEC+ has been partnering with IM Group for several years.

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