I.V.I.packaging install third BIMAC casemaker

Giorgio Bigiani, Sales Director, BIMAC srl, has confirmed the company has completed the installation and start up of a miniline 6.18 casemaker for Padua-based I.V.I packaging srl.

Commissioned in December, this machine is the third BIMAC flexo converting line, following installation of a 9.25 and a 12.28 over the past six years.

“When we took delivery of the first BIMAC in 2018, we knew we had the right machine for us,” comments Carlo Zecchin, Managing Director, I.V.I packaging. “ Prior to ordering the first machine, we made several trips to inspect BIMAC’s factory and visited several installations. We were instantly impressed for the built quality, order change time, speed of the machine – and thanks to a great relationship with their management ,we got this first line running at pretty much full capacity. So the next logical step was to order the second machine in 2021 and in 2023, the third machine that increased capacity and a broader offering in terms of case size.”

“This is the 30th line for the Europe, with others machines already running in North Africa and rest of the world,” adds Bigiani. “The BIMAC lines are robust and excellent value for money; there are plenty of examples of happy customers like, I.V.I packaging including recently started up machines at TREIESE packaging , FOGIBE srl, to name a few. Our thanks to the team of I.V.I. for the ongoing and belief in our machines. I.V.I packaging is another company to be running with three lines in one site and confirms the build quality and reliability of our converting lines.”

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