Huaqiao Fenghuang Paper start up PM 6 in only six months!

On August 13, Sichuan Huaqiao Fenghuang Paper successfully started up its Voith XcelLine packaging paper machine at the Guanghan site.

The project set a new record for the fastest start-up of such a paper machine. Only six months passed from installation to successful start-up – two months ahead of schedule. The commissioning of the BlueLine OCC stock preparation system and the XcelLine paper machine took just four and five weeks, respectively.

“Many thanks for the hard work and technical innovation of both teams! The good performance of PM 6 is the excellent result of the continuous efforts and close cooperation of both teams,” says Yang Lichang, Project Manager, Huaqiao Fenghuang in Sichuan. At the same time, the high performance reflects the outstanding efficiency of the Voith paper machines. The successful startup will further increase Huaqiao Fenghuang’s production capacity and create a solid foundation for our future development.”

PM 6 has a width of 7.92m and a design speed of 1,400 meters per minute. It mainly produces high-quality packaging papers in the range of 90 to 170 gsm and has an annual production capacity of about 400,000 tons. The associated BlueLine OCC stock preparation line has a capacity of 2,200 tons per day and is currently the largest OCC line in the Asian market.

Voith not only supplied the intelligent XcelLine paper machine and BlueLine OCC stock preparation line, but also control systems such as MCS, QCS, DCS, QMS and OnCare.Health. These solutions enable full automation of the production process, ensuring stable product quality, a reliable process, and lower operating and maintenance costs. In addition, PM 6 uses Voith’s latest industrial design, which combines the outstanding performance of the XcelLine paper machine with a high level of industrial aesthetics.

“The successful start-up of PM 6 exemplifies the strong technical competence and professional qualifications of both teams, and it also demonstrates the benefits of full-line delivery from Voith,” says Carlos Lin, Senior Vice President Order Processing and Operations, Voith Paper Asia-Pacific. “The full-line delivery reduces integration and coordination efforts for the customer, lowers operational risk and ensures product quality, all of which increase product competitiveness.”

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