HP PageWide T400S for Kaweah

Kaweah Container, a California, U.S. independent family-owned corrugated container manufacturer for the food, wine, industrial, agricultural and software industries, recently installed the high-speed HP PageWide Web Press T400S. The press allows the company to digitally pre-print and produce basic corrugate and high-value customized boxes in cost-effective, short-to-medium runs with high print quality and durability.

Founded in 1989, Kaweah Container is leveraging the superior productivity and versatility of the HP PageWide Web Press T400S to provide its customers faster turnaround times and differentiate itself from competitors. The company sees the T400S as reinventing the way it has historically produced corrugated boxes, with increased production flexibility and enhanced efficiency to print what is needed when it’s needed.

“The corrugated industry is a very mature business with a lot of similarity among competition. To differentiate and grow our business, we began exploring digital technology solutions,” explains Erin Jennings, VP of operations, Kaweah Container. “The industry hasn’t experienced a major shift from traditional printing methods in the past 20 years, and we see the new HP PageWide Web Press T400S as a game-changer, as it offers a revolutionary way of running boxes that our customers haven’t seen before. We believe digital is the future of the packaging industry, and we are excited to be at the forefront of change.”

Kaweah Container install T400S press

Front row, L to R: Randy Kornacki, Reg Phillips, Erin Jennings, (VP of operations); Enrique Sotelo

Back row, L to R: Tim Wilson, Rob Reeves, (President/CEO); Doug Lorenzo, Jimmy Haze.

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