HP Indigo launch new PrintOS

HP Indigo has confirmed the expansion of its software solutions, designed to help users benefit from the sophisticated capabilities that can be gained by integrating software and data-driven tools into the print production floor. The new HP PrintOS Software Suite simplifies HP’s application portfolio, which will now consist of four modules called Power Packs.

The HP PrintOS Suite is a cloud-based operating system that drives productivity and inspires innovation. Following the latest development, the PrintOS Suite will now consist of four Power Packs, concentrating on press monitoring and productivity management tools, applications for consistent quality across jobs, presses and sites, personalization and customization creativity modules, and digital site automation flow from submission to shipping.

To support business challenges and enhance its offering, HP has appointed Petar Obradovic as Director of Industrial Software Solutions and deployed a new dedicated software sales team.

“Our most successful and advanced customers are relying on software to maximize their production efficiency, make smart decisions quickly and expand their offering,” said Noam Zilbershtain, General Manager, HP Indigo and Scitex. “We understand that prosperity in the digital print production business is data-driven and software-driven, and we want each one of our users to leverage these resources to grow their business.”

In a recent NAPCO research, 58.6% of survey participants said that they will increase productivity through ‘capital investment that supports automation, more efficient workflow, and fast job turns. The PrintOS Suite addresses these needs and strategically positions HP Indigo to help PSPs become more successful.

Obradovic added, “PrintOS has more than 22,000 HP Indigo users, and more than 4,000 of them use it daily. These are staggering numbers.” Obradovic explained that the PrintOS Software Suite enables customers to monitor their production in real-time, increase productivity by up to 50%, automate processes like quality control and color matching, and produce consistent prints across jobs, presses and sites. “Any print service provider, whether or not they aspire to become a global online supplier if they are managing high volumes of data efficiently with consistent quality – requires our software solutions to optimize their digital transformation.”

The PrintOS Suite Power Packs will be offered on a subscription basis as of July 1, 2023.

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