How can digital printing benefit e-commerce packaging?

Hanway recently participated in the e-commerce packaging forum, “ECPAKLOG 2020”, focusing on the B2B and B2C fields and concentrating on eco-friendly e-commerce packaging, recycled packaging solutions and the trends for lean supply chains.

Based on the rapid development of online channels, the e-commerce industry has become an important component of the retail industry. The demand for corrugated packaging in the e-commerce sector is also increasing continuously and the packaging needed for the e-commerce consumer market has a promising future.

As products shift from traditional offline sales channels to online and e-commerce channels, brand owners are thinking more about how to monetise these channels. On one hand, stylish and well-designed packaging can directly stimulate the end users to buy; on the other hand, the visual information printed on the packaging also bears the desire of brand owners for advertising and marketing. Today, with the rapid development of modern logistics, more and more brands begin to use personalised packaging and increase the added value of goods through packaging design and then reshape the marketing format and ecosystem, and help brands and consumers to establish a good interaction.

In addition, because online transactions are a virtual shopping experience, the demand for traceable printing of goods has further increased. Nowadays, the application of variable data such as barcodes and QR codes in packaging is becoming more and more widespread. Through the random QR code technology, each product is attached with a unique ‘ID card’ to realise anti-counterfeiting traceability and achieve the brand’s online and offline two-way connection with consumers.

Fast, small-batch, multi-batch, personalised and customised corrugated e-commerce packaging requires shorter, more frequent printing production, more SKUs, faster turnaround time, lower production costs and a more eco-friendly user experience. The emergence of digital printing technology effectively coincides with the market development trend and production requirements.

If digital printing has opened the door of the corrugated packaging industry, then single pass inkjet technology has given e-commerce packaging wings to take off. Single pass has become synonymous with high-speed digital printing. With its productivity far exceeding scanning digital printing, it is applied to many fields, such as corrugated packaging, digital printing, ceramic inkjet, variable data printing and much more.

Entering the ever-changing digital era, digital printing continues to deepen integration in many vertical fields and continues to extend to more fields. Today, Hanway has become an advanced high-tech enterprise under HanGlory Group with independent intellectual property rights, professional R&D, production and sales of corrugated digital inkjet printing equipment. From Single-Pass to Multi-Pass, Hanway easily copes with the new demands of short-run and individualised packaging and is committed to promoting the development of digital inkjet technology in the corrugated industry. As the packaging printing market continues to increase demand for short-run, green, variable data printing and personalised products, digital printing is accumulating energy at an unprecedented speed and is helping the new development of corrugated packaging.




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