Holograms can help reduce cannabis counterfieting

Reports of counterfeit cannabis have reinforced the critical need to protect bonafide products and packaging, says the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA). Sales of synthetic cannabinoids being mis-sold as cannabis are on the rise in the UK, presenting a significant health risk to the general public, reports a harm reduction project that analyses samples of drugs provided by the public and other participating organisations.

With the increased legalisation of the drug around the world, including in many US states, the IHMA believes it is critically important regulated cannabis products used for pain relief, relaxation and sleeping disorders, are protected fully and secure from the threat of criminal counterfeiters. This will become even more important in the next few years it says, as the race to improve production and bring down costs in the face of growing demand for legalised cannabis-derived treatments opens new opportunities for consumer goods and pharmaceuticals.

Earlier this year in the UK, an analysis of 37 samples believed to be THC e-liquids used in vapes found that only 26% contained THC or cannabis, while 57% contained some form of synthetic cannabinoid. Even more concerning are reports that cannabis edibles being sold via social media and made in bulk using packaging bought via e-commerce sites, have been hospitalising UK school children.

Counterfeiting is already a multi-billion-dollar global problem, but counterfeit cannabis is another alarming development that sees criminals taking advantage of people who might be desperate for products during the pandemic, says the IHMA. Cannabis packaging must comply with stringent regulatory requirements while retaining eye-catching consumer appeal. So the IHMA is urging supply chains and authorities to review how they tackle the threat before the situation exacerbates, looking at authentication technologies such as readily available holograms, which can effectively protect people and international distribution channels.

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