Hologram trade body opens membership to all OVD suppliers

The trade body representing the global hologram industry has extended its membership criteria and adapted its articles of association to reflect the rapidly changing nature of the sector.

The move sees the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) now accept applications for membership from all security OVD (optical variable device) suppliers. This comes as the organisation continues to strengthen its position as a leading authority on commercial authentication, ID security and packaging augmentation technologies.

Originally open to hologram suppliers, membership has been extended to include providers of material and equipment as well as finishers and converters. Associate membership has also been refocused to ensure research organisations and other trade associations can benefit from the IHMA’s work at the forefront of developing new applications and spearheading the opening of new markets for holograms.

The Hologram Image Register was recently expanded and rebranded as the Security Image Register (SIR), reflecting the changing dynamics of the global security printing industry and security features, including all optically variable security features.

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