Holmen invests to increase packaging paper production

To further strengthen Holmen‘s position in book paper and increase production of its new packaging product, INNR, the company is investing SEK 450m in rebuilding a paper machine at Braviken Paper Mill.

Access to fossil-free electricity and local wood means that both Holmen’s paper mills are in a strong position that enables continued development of existing products. This will also create opportunities to grow in new segments in the packaging area.

“In 2022, we launched a new corrugated board product, Holmen INNR, which has been well received by the market. Holmen’s paper products have a low climate footprint and are lighter than traditional alternatives, making them resource efficient without compromising on strength, quality or overall feel,” says Lars Lundin, Senior Vice President – Paper.

Rebuilding PM52 at Braviken Paper Mill will broaden the product range for book paper while enabling Holmen to efficiently increase the production of fluting. The rebuild is planned for autumn 2024.

“After this investment, we will be able to produce a fluting product that meets the quality requirements for demanding applications with less material consumption than established products. We will also be able to offer higher grammages of our book paper from Braviken Paper Mill,” says Tommy Wiksand, Vice President Business Development – Paper.

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