Höcker Polytechnik at Drupa

Automated disposal of process waste is always a challenge in print shops, paper and corrugated board production and packaging production. Only if die-cutting grids or paper strips are consistently shredded they can be reliably transported, either pneumatically or by belt system. Höcker Polytechnik GmbH  has been offering solutions and products here for many decades that considerably simplify the disposal processes from the machines to the final sorting and recycling preparation.

In Hall 16 on booth A 34, Höcker Polytechnik will be demonstrating the potential offered by the use of material separators as an efficient link between machine de-dusting, material transport and possible sorted disposal. PMA material separators work in advance and separate larger pieces of cardboard or paper from dust. This reduces the load on and protects the filter system and, as an integral part of the disposal system, also enables single-variety disposal. This can significantly increase recycling revenue.

With other products such as die-cutting shredders, belt shredders, shredders for cores and sheet material or shredding fans, Höcker Polytechnik offers universal or customised shredder solutions that process the material in a transport-friendly manner.

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