Hish Offset Print choose Scodix Ultra 6000 Digital Enhancement B1

Scodix has confirmed that Hish Offset Print has acquired a Scodix Ultra 6000 Digital Enhancement B1 size Press, upgrading his current Ultra B2 size press.

Hish Offset Print is an Israeli producer of quality folding cartons. In its ​​2000 sqm facility, Hish plans to expand its existing workload capability and offer a reliable solution for the increasing demand of variable decorated specialty projects and packaging, with the Ultra 6000 marking the way for even more innovative possibilities.

Oren Spitzer (pictured left), CEO and Owner, Hish Offset Print, comments, “Our first Scodix press gave us a quick turnaround time and quality enhancement without the setup of traditional processes. With the majority of Hish Offset Prints’ products being B1 size, the Scodix Ultra 6000 Press is anticipated to deliver key economic support. Now, with a Scodix Ultra 6000, we can grow output by extending our embellishment productivity to include our offset format B1 jobs.”

The Scodix Ultra 6000 Press, is known for its print embellishment solutions across the rigid box and folding carton industry. Its innovative technology provides a solution for printers working on B1 size sheets, and comes as a standard size press, requiring only a minimal footprint area on the production floor and fits into any print shop.

Amit Shvartz, GM and COO, Scodix Israel, adds, “The Israeli print industry is competitive and print providers demand cost effective solutions that enable new innovation. We are pleased that Hish Offset Print has decided to obtain a new Scodix Ultra 6000 press, having already experienced the benefits of our technology. The Scodix Ultra 6000 Press offers excellent productivity, fast ROI and the sustainability must-haves that large packaging printers need today. Its applications will bring new innovative projects to customers, and we’re excited to see what those will be. Scodix is committed to delivering cutting-edge embellishment solutions that keep our customers ahead of the game.”

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