Hinojosa records solid results in 2022

Hinojosa Packaging Group concluded 2022 with a turnover of €820m, 27% higher than in 2021.

The company has maintained its steady growth in recent years, despite the complex global situation, with historical highs in the prices of energy and raw materials and supply issues that affected the entire value chain. Increasing the optimisation of all company processes and efficient management have been key to deal with this demanding environment.

Hinojosa’s goal is to come alongside its customers in their process of growth and respond to their needs, arising from the social trend towards sustainable packaging. This is in addition to its international expansion; in 2022, the company was consolidated in Portugal and France, after securing the purchase and integration ofAllard Emballages.

The group’s permanent commitment to innovation has also been key; the company has launched new products that expand its already extensive range, such as Foodservice, a new line of 100% recyclable paper-based packaging. Moreover, Hinojosa is committed to innovation focused on digital transformation and competitiveness, through talent development programmes and methodologies. FP Dual (vocational training) stands out as a pioneering project in the implementation of a module in graphic arts.

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