Hinojosa order two EVOL

Spanish packaging company, Hinojosa Group, has confirmed it recently placed a significant order with MHI Europe. The order, which was confirmed in January 2017, is for two EVOL flexo folder gluers. The first machine, an EVOL 100, will be installed at the company’s box plant, Bernabeu, near Valencia, Spain. The second machine, an EVOL 115, will be installed at the company’s plant, Vegabaja, near Valencia and Alicante.

“We have been impressed by the quality of build and the output potential of these high speed casemakers,” says Hinojosa’s Chief Executive Officer. “We chose the EVOL 100 for Bernabeu in order to increase productivity and improve the overall quality of boxes for our customers. For Vegabaja, we opted for the EVOL 115. We have also opted for the first MHI pre-feeder for this machine.”

New pre-feeder from MHI

The EVOL 115 has a maximum sheet size of 1150 x 2930mm and minimum size of 290 x 690 mm. “This EVOL 115 for Vegabaja will be the first of its kind sold in Europe,” states Giovanni Bettini, Sales Director for MHI Europe. “At the moment, we have only installed such machines in the US and in Japan, so this is a landmark for us at MHI Europe. This is a very important sale for us and we are grateful for the faith that Hinojosa Group have placed in us.”

“We recently visited MHI in Mihara to see these machines in action,” concludes Hinojosa’s CEO. “I was joined by the President of Hinojosa and our Technical Manager. We were all very impressed by the machines and look forward to taking delivery of the machines in Spain later this year.”

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