Hinojosa intensifies social and environmental commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility was even more important in a year that was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hinojosa worked intensively with local communities and organisations and maintained its commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Hinojosa has just published its fourth CSR report, ‘Our role in the environment‘. The document was prepared in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and certified by AENOR.

The dedication of Hinojosa’s workforce allowed the company’s plants to remain operational, providing essential services for society whilst complying fully with a Safety Plan to safeguard the team’s wellbeing. The company has also rolled out initiatives to ensure quality employment and professional development, as well as supporting integration into the workforce for people at risk of social exclusion. These initiatives include the launch of level one of the dual professional training course in Graphics Printing in Spain, the ‘Hinojosa Graduates Programme’ to attract and train fresh talent, and activities in partnership with the charity Cáritas.

Hinojosa supports local communities in the areas where it operates. The company responded instantly to the COVID-19 outbreak to help protect the most vulnerable members of society, donating over 14,000 masks and 23,500 corrugated boxes for the distribution of healthcare equipment and other basic necessities. Hinojosa’s R&D departments also created corrugated board dividers to offer protection for employees who had to work through the pandemic.

The company remained fully committed to sustainable development in 2020. It was among the first in its sector to secure Zero Waste certification at a number of plants, evidencing a waste recovery rate of over 90%. Other initiatives include the installation of a photovoltaic solar plant, an electric vehicle charging station and biomass and biogas boilers at the company’s facilities in Spain. Finally, Hinojosa continued to foreground innovation by launching 360 Green Packaging, a brand new range of sustainable primary packaging solutions designed to respond to the latest market trends.

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