Highlander supply twin compactor/diverter for Boxes & Packaging

Highlander have provided wastepaper recycling services to Logson Group sites in Scotland for several years and just recently, they installed a new dual compactor and waste diverter system at Boxes & Packaging in Dumbarton.

The site used old machinery for both waste diversion and compaction, with various associated operational problems causing regular delays in the site’s production levels. Highlander are experts in these types of installations, having compactor systems sited at over 25 customers in Scotland and as part of this project, have installed two ‘auto-alert’ compactor units and automatic waste diverter system. The compactors alert Highlander and Boxes & Packaging operators whenever the compactor is 50% full, 60% full, 75% full and then when it is 100% full and requires emptying and at this stage, the system will automatically divert the waste to the adjacent compactor machine, meaning uninterrupted production for the site and full containers are always collected.

The use of auto alerts meant that Highlander only empty the compactor bins when needed and when full, improving the overall cost-per-ton of each collection. The unit also provides electronic self-diagnosis, meaning if any fault develops with the machine, a ‘fault’ text message is sent to nominated recipients and to the manufacturer, meaning Highlander can inform engineers in advance as to what the problem is, meaning the parts required can be taken with them in advance, resulting in quicker repair times here.

Highlander installed two Dicom R260 paper trim compactors and a state-of-the-art ducting system with a material diverter attached.  Now, all paper trim is carried by air flow via the ducting system, straight to the diverter, then to the compactor hopper and finally pushed into the container.

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