Highlander for The Boxshop and Pusterla 1880

Highlander recently secured long term contracts with The Boxshop and Pusterla 1880, supplying brand new Dicom ‘alert’ compactors within the agreement.

At The Boxshop, the compactor was installed with a new air extraction system, to transfer trim offcuts, to a static compactor outside the building. The compactor has a 45 cubic yard container attached, allowing maximum payloads to be collected, reducing collection frequencies and carbon emissions.

The Pusterla 1880 machine is fitted with tipper system, allowing wheeled bins to be tipped into the compactor – this machine complimented an existing compactor, previously handling all wastepaper materials, as low-value mixed paper – the second compactor allows quality cardboard to be separated, meaning added value and reduced costs for 50% of the wastepaper generated on site.

Both machines are served on the new control platform, which as well as receiving alerts at various fill levels, users can log-on to the platform for real-time updates on machines status.


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