High stack warehouse for Blue Paper

Blue Paper’s paper machine in Strasbourg produces over 1,000 tonnes of packaging paper every day. Two years after the site opened, it has now been decided to provide additional storage capacity. The new building has space for 12,000 tonnes of paper – almost double the original storage unit, which will continue to be used alongside the new high stack warehouse. The new building has been built adjacent to the original storage unit to ensure optimal logistics.

The new warehouse is fully automated. When the paper production process is complete, the paper rolls are transported along conveyor belts to the warehouse entrance, where they are stacked on top of each other up to 6 rolls high using vacuum technology. For shipping, the rolls are placed in one of the four loading docks by the vacuum grippers, ready for loading on to the truck with the customer as its destination. The total investment amounts to €6 million.

Blue Paper reel store

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