Heritage Paper installs Sanilox

Heritage Paper of Livermore, California, has completed the installation of a Sanilox™ IP In Press Anilox Cleaning System from Eaglewood Technologies. Heritage Paper, TAPPI CorrPak competition 2016 Best of Show winner, is known for its quality packaging solutions and 30 years of professional service. The Sanilox System will enhance high-end printing and efficiency.

“Heritage purchased the Sanilox Roll Cleaning System to perform routine preventative anilox roll cleaning, which allows us to maintain the highest print quality required by our customers. The system plays a key role in color consistency and print repeatability on our Gopfert,” says Chris Jones, Technical Services Manager at Heritage.

The system makes anilox roll cleaning totally automated in-line or off-line and will help monitor roll inventory and maintenance. The system is a versatile on press/off press option and an environmentally efficient method of keeping anilox rolls clean, Eaglewood Technologies reports.

See videos of the systems in action at www.eaglewoodtech.com

Peter Mulheran (left) and Chris Jones

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